Final Fantasy XIII Gets Awesomer

I am a Final Fantasy fanatic, so needless to say I've been digging for any news I can find on the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII games for PS3 - the next sure-hits in Square's "who-need-a-new-freakin-title" mega-series.

Well, Famitsu Magu has just reported some additional info on FFXIII that will cinch what is already an auto-buy for most fans. You thought FFX had some crazy plot details, get this:

Shiva, the ice-goddess, is a Transformer.

You read that right. Shiva, staple of the FF Summon Monster cast, is now not one goddess, but two sisters, who combine to form a motorcycle that you can ride. Not only that, but the plot seems to revolve around magical crystals that not only defend the populous from monsters, but also can materialize objects at will, and have a consciousness of their own.

The great thing is that once gamers get a hold of this game, all of this will surely make sense to them. Leave it to Square to drop us into a world that, no matter how ridiculous, makes perfect sense in our fantasy-craving heads. Click here for more info on the game you've probably already pre-ordered.

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