The Top 5 "Top" Lists

What better way could there be to do one of my favorite features than presenting some of the best around? (rhetorical question, unless you'd care to propose a better way, jackass) I proudly present to you: The Very Best of the Toplists - an experiment in recursive features.

The Seven Biggest Challenges for 2007 (NextGen)
This one is more about the game industry than gamers' interests, but it's an intelligent overview of the hurdles our industry faces as it continues to grow and mature. Marketing in the industry has come a long way (just take a look at some old game ads), but it still has plenty of room to improve.

101 Greatest Gaming Moments (GamesRadar)
...from the last 10 years. There's a whole lot of not-so-nostalgic nostalgia in here just waiting to be unlocked. This is especially great for younger gamers who feel left out by the "remember when Mario got his own game?"-era nostalgia.

The Best of 2006 (IGN)
Talk about comprehensive. This big-boy of a feature has its own realm on ign.com and covers pretty much any entertainment medium you'd like. It's not the most unique or surprising stuff, but it's an easy way to check back and make sure you didn't miss any classics last year.

The List of Recent Best Games (PSM)
You'll have to head to a newsstand for this one. Every month, PSM puts this list at the back of their reviews section. For anyone with a space problem who can't deal with saving all the issues of his/her favorite mag until they form a small mountain on which to place a glorious next-gen console, this list gives you some peace of mind when parting ways with last month's issue.

The Top 7 Steps to Becoming a Video Game Snob (GamesRadar)
You can always rely on these guys' "Top 7"s to be entertaining. Check out this great introspective look at some of the character pitfalls that most gamers suffer now and then.

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