Did You Just Take That?

I've come to accept a lot of falsities in games in my life, but one I still can't get over is the all-you-can-steal random treasure chest/pot/cabinet. You'll find these in most RPG games and a lot of adventures. Allow me to paint an example:
Your character is wounded, so you bunk up at the nearest inn (always the only one in town) and get some shut-eye. The next morning, you pop out of bed and get on your adventuring way, but wait! Someone left a chest in the corner of this hotel room, all alone? Jackpot! You take the contents and shuffle nervously out of the inn, but not before smashing all the pottery in the lobby in the hopes that it'll contain more "free" rubies/gil/swords.
And NOBODY cares! This gets me every time. In real life, you can't even take M&Ms out of the mini-bar without paying $3.50 and hating yourself for being too lazy to pick some up from the 7-Eleven across the street. In games, though, it's all fair game - the entire contents of the mini-bar, all the hangers, that lamp you kinda like, even the bathrobes, and, hell, let's throw in the TV. Maybe it's just understood in these games that you're the hero, and heroes should get free stuff, because, hey, they're saving the world/galaxy. Or maybe they just see that you're wielding a huge sword and just did 3,498 damage to that level-62 phoenix that always hangs around just outside of the village. That's a lot of damage, FYI.

One day, gamers around the world will be in for a shock when someone releases a game true to reality. No longer will taking everything available to you be looked upon with unchanged goofy smiles. You'll be in someone's home, just nonchalantly busting open every pot or chest in sight, and your quirky sidekick will run up to you:

What in the name of the gods are you doing?
That gold belongs to someone. Put it back.
Hahaha! Not anymore. Oh Pamalyr, you jokester. I'm the hero. They're happy to yield it.
They are NOT yielding anything! They can't afford it. This house has only one room, for gods' sake.
Look at me. I mean, really, who wouldn't want to let a man with hair like this steal his entire savings?
...what is wrong with you?
Look, if I weren't supposed to take it, it would be locked.
Great. They're calling the police. Real smooth, hero.

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