Cosplay. Taste of the Future?

There are a lot of people who are very, very into cosplay. I am not. Cosplay, for the unfamiliar, is creating a costume on some non-Halloween day based on one's favorite videogame/anime character. Can you imagine how much work must go into this? The standard wardrobe for a lot of videogame characters is really out there. Did all videogame characters just get together one day and decide "Hey, let's all start dressing ridiculously!"

That really must have happened. The Videogame Characters League must have had some discussion at one of their early meetings and said "You know what? Plumbers outfits and gorilla suits? Our outfits are pretty terrible. Let's spice it up seven thousand notches." You don't see this as much in movies because real people can't pull off the physics-defying stuff that you see on game characters.

And let's not forget the hair. I've seen some magic tricks done with hair in Japan, but this stuff just isn't possible. Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Strife, Dragonball's Goku - they must hold some sort of world record for biggest spiky hair.

Personally, I applaud our videogame counterparts. If only we dressed more ludicrously in real life. You could get away with any crazy outfit you can think up! You'd wake up in the morning: "Hm, what should I wear. Let's see, this scarf will be my top, I can definitely make some pants out of this tin foil, and I'll weave some rope around my arms. Perfect!" Come to think of it, though, pretty much all game characters are in ridiculously good shape, so those of you thinking "Hey, this could be a great idea!" should do some self-analysis before trying that leather and metal-only outfit you've been assembling in the closet.

It's gotta happen eventually. Pretty much every game about the future has the craziest fashion you've ever seen. Hey, even movies in the future have it (The Fifth Element, Star Trek)! Clearly, the creative minds of our day really like this stuff, which, you must realize, means that they'll eventually pass it on to the marketing people, who will somehow brainwashing everyone into dressing that way. It'll happen. Just wait. Do you think that they'll legalize swords so that I can carry one around? I do.

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