Home Sweet Home

SO, Sony unveiled the Playstation Home at the 2007 Game Developers Conference two weeks ago. Some have complained that this is too much like the real world: "Why would I want to log onto my PS3 to live in a virtual world that's exactly like my normal world?" These people have clearly been abducted and brainwashed by Microsoft, because you know they have the technology to do it.The idea behind home is a transparent interface that makes sense to users and feels natural, thus disappearing as its own feature and letting the surrounding elements shine through. For example, users in Playstation Home will be able to meet up at someone's virtual apartment, and then log into multiplayer games together. If they want to switch games, they don't have to find each other again, because they'll quit the first, end up right back in the apartment, and log on together again (assuming Sony helps developers account for this).

Aaaanyway, needless to say this is exciting, and would make me buy a PS3, if Final Fantasy XIII weren't already getting ready to do that. Here are some things from real homes that I hope to see in Playstation Home:

1) Out-of-Control House Parties. Sure, it's fun to have friends over, but wouldn't it be much more fun if someone fell into the virtual pool in a drunken stupor? It would.
2) Neighbor Feuds. What fun is a home without neighbors to bother with your loud music, or to compete against with ridiculous Christmas light displays?
3) Forts. Yes, forts. I want to see people build cool caves in their living rooms with virtual chairs and blankets. I think if you did that while sitting in a real fort, the universe would collapse on itself.
4) Prodigal Items. How fun is it to find a $5 bill that you must have dropped under the couch 2 years ago? I hope homes get cluttered enough that we can lose track of things, only to find them in a flash of glory.
5) Solicitors. Even better than in-game advertising! I want to have to DEFEND my home against would-be salesman. How much would Sony charge me in a microtransaction for a water balloon filled with sour cream?
6) Household Injuries. Can you fall down the virtual stairs in Home? Nick your shoulder on a virtual door frame? Stub your virtual toe on an ottoman? Walk into a clear-glass door? Hilarious in real life = outrageous online.

If Sony delivers on these things, you'll find me in Home 24/7.

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PlayStation Home said...

It is just like Second life and i like it very much!