Repeat after me: CONSOLE.

Do you know what time it is? It's rant time! Hooray!

There's a common expression used in the mainstream media that I would like to rise up against -- the practice of a writer/reporter/blogger/etc referring to a game console (e.g. PS3, XBox 360) as a "video game". Example: "This holiday season, the most popular gift in town is the new Nintendo Wii videogame." Someone please inform these people!

There is a very well-defined wall between a "videogame" and a "console/system". This should be common knowledge, as this barrier exists in other media, too. You don't see me going around saying "Hey, did you see the Colbert Report television last night?" or "The iPod is still the most popular MP3 on the market." It just doesn't make sense. These are respected journalists, too!

Someone should lock all these mis-informed reporters in a room with a PS2 and NO GAMES, then return in three days and ask them:
"Wasn't that a fun videogame? Did you enjoy playing that videogame? What was that videogame like compared with other videogames you have played? Yep, that's what we do; we buy this videogame, and that's all we get from Sony for 6 years. Then, they make a new videogame, we rejoice and buy it!"

Everyone makes mistakes, and this is as harmless as they come, but it just amazes me that the mainstream media won't give the industry enough attention to do the most basic of research into stories, considering how wide an audience games have these days. Oh well, I'm off to enjoy my XBox 360 videogame.

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