Let's Get Rocked

Quickly after the GTA IV trailer appeared last week, the endless press it received was silenced by this week's big announcement -- Harmonix, EA, and MTV have announced Rock Band, the sequel/mutant cousin to the wildly successful Guitar Hero II. Party gamers, rejoice! there is a new Saturday night king.

In Rock Band, you can assemble a crack squad of 4 friends to man 4 different instruments: 2 guitarists, 1 drummer, and one singer. I, in my love for music games, have done Harmonix the favor of preparing for Rock Band 2. While this 4-man-band concept is fantastic, let's move further up the Stairway to Heaven. Let's build this city on rock and roll. Below, for those of you who want, nay, need to rock and roll all night, are my additions for Rock Band 2:

Players 5 and 6: Dancers
You've already combined Guitar Hero, Karaoke Revolution, and Drum Master, right? Well, what is a game music frenzy without Dance Dance Revolution? Two players can somehow find ways to dance to heavy metal music. Make room!

Player 7: Alternate "Vocalist"
Yes, okay, you have a singer. Well, what about someone with a mic who does pretty much everything but sing? They could speak randomly, like that guy in the B-52s. They could insert random "Yea" and "What"s into your song...like DMX! Or, for Easy mode, they could just introduce the band.

Player 8: Keyboardist
I don't think I need to say much here. If you're going to cover your 80's tracks across the board, you're going to need a wicked keyboardist, who could double as a keytarist!

Player 9: Percussionist
So you've got your drum set covered. You still need chimes, congas, timpani, the triangle and, yes, cowbell. This guy (see: drunkest guy in the room) has you covered.

Player 10: Violinist
If you are even going to think about playing any Dave Matthews Band or The Halo Theme, you'll need someone with skills on the violin peripheral -- much like the Guitar Hero guitar, but, you know, in violin form.

The possibilities are endless, and I've only cracked the surface, but there you have, in a nutshell, the minimal essentials for Rock Band 2, coming in 2009?

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