Don't Stop a'Rockin'

I used to be quite a stickler when it came to game music. I had friends who, after 40 hours of the battle theme from Final Fantasy VII, decided to mute the game and add their own soundtrack. While I sympathized with their growing hatred towards that 1-minute loop of music, I couldn't bring myself to battle the One-Winged Angel to the tune of Tom Petty's Don't Do Me Like That.For those of you like I am, however, you'd be surprised at how much a difference the 360's custom soundtrack feature makes. You can have music coming out of the same speakers as your sound effects, which make the whole audio experience feel like a brand new package. Of course, there will always be games for which this works, and some for which it doesn't. For example...

Rocks: Playing Crackdown to the sounds of Dr. Dre
Sucks: Playing GTA to the sounds of Alvin and the Chipmunks
Rocks: Playing flOw to the sounds of Pink Floyd
Sucks: Playing Final Fantasy to the sounds of The All American Rejects
Rocks: Playing Gran Turismo to the sounds of The Offspring
Sucks: Playing Smash Brothers to the sounds of Johnny Cash
Rocks: Playing Mario Party to the sounds of Wham!
Sucks: Playing Shadow of the Colossus to the sounds of Ashlee Simpson

...to name a few. So go ahead, mix and match. The possibilities are endless! You'll find some games are even more fun with a new soundtrack.

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