MMmmmmm... ORPG

I'm getting ready to do it, ladies and gentlemen. That's right, I've decided to shed off my inhibitions and take the big plunge; make a long-term commitment that so many have made before me. Yes, I've decided to play an MMORPG.

For those of you not familiar with the long-winded acronym, MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Playing an MMORPG boils down to this: man buys game; man pays subscription fee; man gives up serious chunk of his daily life, adventuring in an alternate reality. Think of it as the popular media frenzy Second Life, but as an adventure game... and not a complete joke. The quintessential example these days is World of Warcraft, which will likely be my selection.

So what's the appeal of these MMORPGs? For many, it is the community; meeting new people from all over; forming groups; adventuring together. For me, it sort of works in the other direction. I'm attempting to justify this uber-dorky venture by restricting my teammates to people I already know in real life.

But who will I be in this alternate world of the MMORPG? I can create my own character and customize to my heart's content. Perhaps I'll be Frumpdig, the lovable yet grumpy troll, who wields half a tree as his weapon/lunch. Or maybe Valandil, the noble elf lord who cares not for jokes or dancing, but loves a good race through the forest. I could even be Glick, the town drunkard who offers hugs for free!

We shall see how this venture progresses. Wish me luck. Addiction seems to be the word of the day in MMORPGs. I'll tie a rope around my waist so I can be ripped away, should it come to that.

I just wrote "MMORPG" 8 times.

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