Lego Everything

Lego Star Wars. When you first hear it, it sounds ridiculous, but developer Traveller's Tales has had a good deal of success with their Lego World-meets-Star Wars series. So much so, in fact, that they are expanding the idea to new games - Lego Batman and Lego Indiana Jones. Fascinating. Who's to say, then, that similar combinations of childhood-toy-meets-classic-film might not also be successful? Let's try a few, shall we?

Nerf Guns + The Godfather = Nerf Godfather
All the violence and danger of the Godfather, without the permanent damage! Just don't aim for the face. Plus, you have hours of film to exploit.

Pillow Fort + Back to the Future = Back to the Fort
Why risk disrupting the space-time continuum when you can just pretend to travel through time? Just hop into your virtual pillow fort, and away you go! Earn upgrades to your fort to add tables, chairs, and more. A game about pretending? Can't miss.

Slip-n-Slide + Field of Dreams = Slide of Dreams
Ray always dreamed of building his own Slip-n-Slide. When a mysterious voice convinces him to risk everything for his passion, he's thrown into an adventure that leads him to famous retired Slip-n-Slider Speedo-less Joe Jackson.

Not to mention other Lego Options, like:
Lego Citizen Kane
Lego Tron
Lego Animal House
Lego Rocky Balboa

Somehow, a game based on a popular license is bound to be terrible, but a game based on TWO popular licenses? Solid gold.


That Weird Bearded Guy From Work said...

I'm just about to buy Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, so I think I should be offended...but the idea of Nerf Godfather is so hilarious that I don't care. "I love you, Fredo. You would have broken my heart...if it weren't so soft and foamy."

Greg said...

Awesome post. This is the kind of crap I thought only I wrote. :-)